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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions. Please read these and if your question is still not answered then feel free to mail us your question.

1. How Do I Order?
2. Can I Pay with Anything Other Than Visa or Mastercard?
3. Are The Items Listed New or Used?
4. How Are the Parcels Sent?
5. How long Till They Arrive?
6. What Does CDS, SLV,SHP,G/F, LTD..... Mean?
7. Do You Buy Stuff?
8. What is a 12" Anyway?


1. From the groups listed or the A-Z select what interests you. This will produce a listing of titles. Click on the title you want to see more details on. From here you can see what the item is and, if you want it, add to your shopping cart. Use the checkout button to complete the process, fill in your details and then we'll be in touch!

2. Yes. If you are in the UK you can pay with a cheque, postal order, paypal, cash(at your own risk). From outside the UK you can pay with a JCB card or a Eurocheque, paypal or cash in UK pounds or USA dollars(sent recorded or registed but at your own risk). Another popular method is International Money Order from your bank. This will need to be in UK pounds and with a bank that has a branch here in the UK. If you are unsure of any of this or wish to pay using another method then please ask.

3. Both. Most of the promo items will be unplayed and a lot of the CD's will be hardly used. We do buy collections and deal in the harder to find stock so inevatably we will have used stock. We always try to get hold of the best quality we can and should anything not meet our minimum standard of ex/ex then we will grade this item seperately. You will always be welcome to a full 10 day refund should you not agree with our gradings.

4. In the UK all parcels under 2Kg are sent second class. Over 2Kg parcels are sent using Parcel Force. For  everywhere else we use Royal Mail Air Mail(small packet). All parcels are well protected using coregated card and sent in purpose made mailers.

5. Parcels to Europe will take about 3-4 working days to arrive, Parcels to the America's will take about 5 working days to arrive. Elsewhere parcels should not take any longer than 10 working days to arrive.

6. CDS = CD single, SLV = Sleeve, SHP = shape(used with p/d = shaped picture disc), G/F = Gatefold Sleeve ie the sleeve folds out to display a larger sleeve, LTD = Limited Edition.

7. Yes! We are always looking to buy new stock, especially by our main artists. Mail us your list and a phone number and we can talk over the price, but don't expect us to pay the price listed here! We usually buy at around half this price unless it's a more common item ie a normal LP.

8. A 12" is basically a single in a larger sleeve. It is NOT an LP.